Becoming a Ranger Guard Security Guard

Ranger Guard and Investigations is a Texas-based security company that specializes in armed guarding, gate guard services, and special events. Its founder is a former security executive who worked for 15 years in Israel’s secret service. The company provides services around the clock, and can handle any security need, from large-scale events to private events.

Qualifications for a Ranger Guard

If you are interested in protecting the public from terrorists, then you should consider becoming a Ranger Guard. This is a career that requires training and certification. Training includes topics such as criminal law, defensive tactics, and first aid. Officers are also trained in coordinating with first responders.

In addition to the basic qualifications, you also need to complete the Ranger Assessment and Selection Program. This program tests your physical and mental abilities. In addition, you will learn special tactics, techniques, and procedures.


During Ranger Guard training, recruits learn basic combat techniques. They will learn to use bayonets, hammer fists, and elbow strikes. They will also practice basic counters and weapons of opportunity. Once they have mastered the basics, they can begin lessons on formations and training for the Throng.

Ranger Guard training consists of two months in a specialized environment. During that time, recruits are required to undergo physical and mental tests to prove they’re up for the job. After successfully passing all these tests, anyone can join the Guard. Morutrud joins the Guard after hearing a warning from Longbeards about the coming of Chaos. He was the first recruit to sign up for the Guard. He has to report to the Hunting Guild to begin his training course at noon.


If you’re looking for an opportunity to protect clients and property, consider becoming a security guard with Ranger Guard. The company understands the importance of providing a safe environment for its clients, and is always looking for qualified individuals to join its team. The company provides competitive pay, health insurance, and paid vacation time. Interested candidates should review the following job description carefully. This article highlights some of the benefits of becoming a security guard with Ranger Guard.

Founded in 2009, Ranger Guard is now one of Houston’s most reputable private security firms. Founded by a former Secret Service agent, former Foreign Ministry Vice Consul of Security, and private security consultant, Assaf Catran is dedicated to setting the highest standards in the industry. His experience in the field of security has influenced his company’s mission statement, which includes a commitment to professionalism.

Tools and technologies

Ranger Guard and Investigations use a number of key technologies to enhance their services. During exercises, Army Rangers used land navigation and rapid target acquisition tools. They also tested platoon raid and movement to contact events. Land navigation stood out as one of the most useful capabilities. It eliminated the need to fumble with a compass in the dark and helped team members complete the course much faster than the traditional five-point course.

Private security for high-volume venues like stadiums and concerts requires skilled professionals trained in conflict management, crowd control, entry and exit monitoring, and physical security. In addition to these services, Ranger Guard security officers can also provide first aid and CPR, and teach a variety of verbal de-escalation techniques.


The cost of hiring a private security company is not cheap. You can expect to pay around $100,000 for security services. However, if you want to keep your cost of private security within your budget, you can choose a company that offers customized plans. Ranger Guard and Investigations offers many security options and can help you find the best one for your budget and needs.

One of the most popular options offered by Ranger Guard and Investigations is RGI On Demand. With this service, you can hire a security officer only when you need them. You can download an app and use it to request service as needed. The advantage of this service is that you don’t need a long-term contract and you don’t have to make minimum daily payments. In addition, RGI On Demand comes with GPS tracking, real-time information, and more control over your security budget. With these advantages, RGI On Demand is quickly becoming a popular option for many businesses and is an affordable way to test out a service before committing to a full-time service contract.