EVR products are elastomeric piping components

EVR products are elastomeric piping components manufactured by Elasto-Valve Rubber Products Inc. This company is headquartered in Sudbury, Ontario, Canada. It serves a wide variety of industries. Its engineers have considerable experience in the fluid flow through its products. The company also has a great understanding of operating conditions.

Husky Corporation

The Husky Corporation is a global provider of petroleum dispensing products. Headquartered in Pacific, Missouri, Husky manufactures and sells a broad range of products for the petroleum industry. Its primary products include Husky(r) General Fueling Products and a complete line of fuel delivery accessories. Other divisions of Husky include BJE Oil and Lube products and Hewitt Aviation Fueling Products. Husky Corporation is a Fortune 500 company with products sold in more than 60 countries. Today, its Pioneering Spirit continues to revolutionize the industry.

The Husky Corporation produces Enhanced Vapor Recovery (EVR) products that¬†discover this use a vacuum-assist system. These products feature stainless steel ball bearings and are available in both connectable and non-reconnectable models. The company’s evr products meet strict EVR standards and have passed rigorous testing protocols.


Danfoss’ EVR refrigeration range has a proven track record of 30 years, making it an ideal choice for a wide range of applications. The range features walk-in cold rooms, display freezers, refrigerators, and chillers. Each unit includes 10 key features that are aimed at improving functionality. The range is available to wholesalers for sale up until March 2018.

Danfoss EVR products have a variety of options for applications, such as suction lines, liquid lines, and hot gas lines. They are also compatible with a wide variety of refrigerants, including fluorinated and high-pressure refrigerants. They are available as complete units or as single components.