Mount Etna Excursions

Mount Etna is a spectacular mountain, adored by thousands of hikers every year. It is located in the southern part of New York state, about three hours north of Buffalo, New York. Its height is 16 feet and it is the highest peak in upstate New York. There are several different types of Mount Etna tours available.

The most popular ones tend to cater to visitors who want to experience the “big view”. Horseback riding along the sulfur sulphide gorges and through geysers that shoot upwards towards the blue sky are typical examples of the types of Mount Etna excursions available. Wheelchair travel around the volcano is usually available on some of these trails, and travelers can choose to visit areas that are off-trail or within a caravan park. Those who want to see the sights without actually walking on the surface of the mountain can also visit nearby Sicily.

For those who are interested in experiencing the sights without actually visiting Mount Etna, there are a number of alternatives. One is to go on a Mount Etna wine tasting tour. Another is to take an instructional mount Etna trekking tour. There are even people who will hire a helicopter to fly them above the volcano. Travelers can choose to camp at nearby resorts and use the hiking trails during their excursion. Of course, most people choose to just rent a vehicle and head to the volcano on their own.

Another option is to go on a Mount Etna Jeep tour. Jeep tours are typically available on several different levels, and it is possible to drive up to the base of the mountain. Depending on the number of participants, some of these tours will also include a hotel stay at a B&B or other accommodation option and guided excursions into the volcano.

Mount Etna tours can be customized to meet a variety of needs. In addition to a customized tour for adults, one can also request a Mount Etna day tour. The days may vary, and some companies will offer several different routes for the day. A Mount Etna day tour usually includes an informative tour of the entire mountain, but participants may be allowed to visit any of the sulfur-dioxide laced peaks that are visible from the valleys below.

It is possible to see why so many people choose to visit Mount Etna. The landscape alone is enough to make anyone want to see what lies at the base of this active volcano. The sulfur dioxide eruptions that occur every year are enough to breathe in and enjoy the beautiful scenery that is scattered above. If you would like to see a more in depth presentation of why it is so important to visit mount Etna, a visit to the museum located at Mount Etna will provide more information.