The architrave is used to enhance the appearance of doors

If you’re installing a door frame architrave, it’s important to follow a few important steps. First, you’ll need to draw a straight line around the top edge of the door. You can use a spirit level or a pencil to do this. Once you’ve drawn a line, draw a diagonal line from the inside corner marking to the outside corner mark.


The architrave is used to enhance the appearance of doors. It is typically supplied separate from the frame and comes in one long piece or as shorter, ready-cut pieces. Most architrave pieces are joined at the corners with 45-degree mitered ends. It is therefore essential to measure and cut it to the right shape and size. Ideally, the architrave should be installed after the door leaf has been fitted.

The architrave can be made from many materials. Hardwood, softwood, and MDF are all suitable. Softwood architrave should be treated with knotting solutions before painting and is available in various finishes. It is commonly used to edge interior doors, windows, and loft hatches. However, it is essential to fit skirting first before installing architrave.


Using architrave around doors is an excellent way to improve the appearance of a door. Architraves are similar to skirting boards. They are part of the door frame and cover the gap between the door and the wall. They can also be used around windows. Before installing architraves, it is important to measure the door leaf first.

The width of a door frame architrave varies based on the design. You may not want to match the width if you’re replacing an architrave, but if you’re installing a new architrave, you’ll want to match the width of the architrave to the existing one. If you’re installing an architrave for the first time, be sure to measure the door frame carefully and match the architrave with the new architrave.


If you are going to install door frame architrave on your door, you will need to follow a few steps to ensure a smooth installation. Before you start installing architrave, you must first check for nails and wires around the door frame. You must also scan for pipes and switches in the area of the door frame. Once you are certain that there are no obstructions, prepare the tools and safety gear needed for the job. Then, you will need to make sure that the architrave is the correct width.

The top architrave should touch the side architrave at 45 degrees. You should then nail the architrave to the frame using a 40mm oval or lost head nail. When you have finished with this step, you should make markings with a pencil or set square to ensure the architrave fits correctly and looks good.