Why Hire an Experienced Car Accident Injury Lawyer?

Car accidents are a major source of physical injuries and financial losses for victims. Those with serious injuries can face significant medical bills and lost wages that require financial compensation to cover the cost of treatment and support themselves while healing from their injuries. However, obtaining this compensation can be challenging for injured car accident victims without a qualified and experienced lawyer.

An experienced New York car accident injury lawyer understands how to deal with insurance companies and will protect the rights of their clients. Insurance companies will challenge and minimize the severity of an injured victim’s injuries in an attempt to reduce their financial obligations, so having a car accident injury lawyer on your side can help you get fair compensation for your accident-related expenses.

A car accident lawyer will have the knowledge and experience to file a lawsuit against the at-fault driver in order to secure maximum financial relief for their client’s losses. This is important because there are often strict legal timelines, called statutes of limitations, that a claim must meet or else the case will be barred. An experienced lawyer will be familiar with these rules and will know how to file a complaint within the time limit.

In addition, an experienced lawyer will be familiar with the different types of damages a court may award car accident victims. These include special damages for financial losses and general damages for non-financial losses such as pain and suffering. It is not uncommon for victims to suffer psychological trauma from severe car accidents and these injuries can be just as significant as physical ones. An attorney will evaluate a client’s medical records and other evidence to determine the full extent of their injuries, enabling them to seek adequate compensation.

Another reason to hire an experienced car accident injury lawyer is that they will be able to negotiate with insurance companies and other parties on behalf of their clients. These negotiations can be complex and time-consuming, but an attorney will handle all of the details so that their client does not have to. This includes determining the appropriate value of a victim’s injuries, negotiating with insurance companies for the highest possible settlement and taking the case to trial when necessary.

An experienced New York car accident attorney will also be able to protect their clients from those who want to shift blame for the crash to them. This can include the other driver involved in the crash, other motorists or drivers who may have been in a chain reaction accident and even the car manufacturer in cases involving vehicle defects or malfunctions.

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