Pier Console Table

A pier console table is a furniture piece designed to be placed against the wall, typically between two columns or windows. Historically, these types of tables were paired with tall pier glass. However, some furniture historians have distinguished the two types of tables. These pieces often feature curving lines and a metal frame.

curved lines

The Chevron Console Table from Pier 1 Furniture is a striking piece of contemporary furniture with curved lines and a metal frame. Its beveled table top and slim side posts make it perfect for a minimalist decor. It also has a very sturdy metal base, which features decorative scrolls along the sides.

Wire-brushed oak of the shelves

This Pier console table offers a casual yet sophisticated look with its metal frame and curved wire-brushed oak tabletop. The metal frame and legs are framed by bracketed curves that add a subtle texture and softness to the metal base. A metal shelf on the lower shelf adds additional storage space, and the collection’s curved lines offer a stylish combination of casual and sophisticated style.

Repeating cresting waves

This 19th century pier table features a red and yellow marble top with pierced apron and cresting waves. It is also embellished with acanthus relief, symmetrical foliage, and curvy stretcher over toupee feet. Its finish is yellow-washed and features a tarnished patina.

Metal frame

Pier console tables are a unique piece of furniture that sits atop a pier wall. These pieces can be used as a stand-alone piece or paired with pier 1 console table other units to create a unique, multifunctional piece of furniture. A metal frame, wire-brushed oak shelf, and exposed bolt heads create a unique look and feel.


The Pier console table is a versatile and handsome accent piece that provides ample storage space and display space for your decorative items. It features three full-extension drawers and two doors with an open display area. Its distressed finish and metal accents give it a natural, industrial look.


Pier console table prices depend on the style, size and other attributes. Prices start at around US$500 and top out at US$1,500. In the average case, they sell for US$1,400.