Safeguard – Insect Control in Hertfordshire

As much as we try to keep pests at bay by thoroughly cleaning our homes, securing food and closing cracks they often manage to get through. Luckily, there are plenty of ways to help prevent them from entering your Hertfordshire property including the use of professional insect control services.

Choosing an established, local pest control service like Safeguard insect control in Hertfordshire  is always the best way to ensure your Hertfordshire home is well protected from unwelcome visitors. Our expert pest controllers perform a rigorous inspection of your property before recommending a treatment plan. This allows us to offer guaranteed results that promise pest infestations are eliminated for good.

Our professional pest control services in Hertfordshire include a wide range of treatments. This includes the advanced heat treatment option which uses super-heated vapour to destroy all traces of cockroaches, eggs and larvae as well as a number of other common household pests. This method of insect removal is far more effective than traditional fumigation and can be carried out without disrupting your home or business, and without the need for you to leave the premises.

There are also many effective biological and natural methods of preventing pests. In fact, it’s worth starting your Hertfordshire pest control long before you need to. Putting barriers in place can prevent pests from even getting close to your plants in the first place. For example, light horticultural fleece (available from The Hertfordshire Garden Centre) around your carrots is a great way to keep the carrot fly at bay, while insect-proof mesh over brassica beds will exclude cabbage white butterflies and pigeons.

Moths are another problem that can easily be prevented with the right measures. They are a real nuisance in the home, destroying woollens, furs and fabric furnishings, but can be dealt with using the appropriate insecticides. Similarly, there are a number of effective organic slug and snail controls to choose from. From slug pubs to wildlife friendly ferrous phosphate slug pellets, all of which are available from The Hertfordshire Garden Centre, you can bolster your plant defences without harming the environment.

In addition to these biological and natural solutions, there are a number of effective chemical and organic insecticides that can be used to control pests. However, it’s worth remembering that any pesticide should only be applied to the areas affected by the pest. Trying to apply it everywhere risks contaminating your home or garden. It’s always a far better idea to take advantage of the Hertfordshire pest control experts’ professional post-service monitoring which helps to ensure that all pests have been eliminated for good and no more are returning.