Solar Light Tubes – A Cost-Effective Way to Bring Natural Light Into Your Home

Whether you’re remodeling your home or looking for a way to brighten your interior spaces, solar light tubes are an affordable, effective way to bring light into your home. These solar lights can improve your home’s air quality, add value to your property, and bring natural sunlight into your home. Besides the obvious benefit of having extra light, a natural light system can help you increase energy, improve your mood, and decrease your carbon footprint.

Unlike conventional light fixtures, solar light tubes are designed to capture the Solar light tubes Tucson, Arizona light that shines through the roof, or “solar dome,” and diffuse it into your home. Because the solar dome blocks UV rays, you can rest assured that the sunlight that enters your home won’t be harmful to you or your family.

Solar light tubes, also called “sun tunnels,” are a cost-effective way to bring natural light into your home. They work by collecting sunlight and directing it into your home, minimizing the heat gains that can occur in your home during the summer. As a result, you’ll save money on energy bills. They can also qualify for a 30 percent energy tax deduction, if your system is EnergyStar-rated.

Solar light tubes can be installed in closets, bathrooms, laundry rooms, and hallways. Their small size makes them easy to install and allows them to fit between roof rafters. They also require minimal maintenance, making them a practical choice for small spaces. These solar tubes are also ideal for brightening areas that may be too dark for traditional light fixtures.

Compared to traditional skylights, solar tubes are more energy efficient. Their tubular silver-coated design reflects 98% of the light that enters the roof, minimizing heat gain and heat loss. They also come with a 25-year warranty and an impact resistant dome. They are also easy to install, and come with recommendations based on the material of your roof.

Compared to traditional skylights, they are also a cost-effective way to light your home. They are available in many sizes, so they can be adapted to meet your needs. The 10-inch model is available for under $500, while the 14-inch model costs $250 to $300 for a professional installation.

Solar tubes can also bring a starry night sky view into your home. You can choose to have a diffuser, which is similar to a standard light fixture, installed in the end of the tube to provide light at night. You can also add an LED light kit to the diffuser, and use a daylight dimmer for night use. You can also opt to add a vent kit to the diffuser, which will allow the air to escape from the inside of the tube during the night. Adding these features to your solar tube system can help you avoid condensation inside the tube, which can be a problem in homes with high humidity levels.

Unlike traditional skylights, solar tubes can also be installed in high humidity climates. You can protect your tube from condensation by wrapping the tube section with insulation, or by using a humidifier in the home.