Wastop Odour Prevention Valve

The Wastop is a great option for stopping backflow in the drains. It also has many other uses, such as preventing odours from escaping the pipes. It is a very simple, inexpensive, and aesthetically pleasing solution to a common problem. It can be easily inserted into a pipe of almost any diameter, and can be mounted in a variety of ways. It is also made of a specially formulated blend of elastomer that gives it an excellent shape retention.

The Wastop patented odour prevention device is designed to be installed inline with an existing pipeline, or factory fitted to a precast headwall. It is available in standard sizes, and is a good choice for commercial or residential installations. It can also be flanged at one end, making it a great candidate for retrofitting an older system. It is also a big name in a small package, and is an industry leader. Its patented odour prevention technology has been around for over 14 years, and is still going strong. The wastop Wastop is a true industry leader, and is considered the best of its class.

The Wastop odour proof valve is an easy installation and a very worthwhile addition to any facility. Its patented odourproof design means odours won’t clog the system, and will prevent odours from escaping the pipe. It is also a very simple, affordable, and elegant solution to a problem that plagues many a building.