Weiss Distillery is Working on Absinthe

Weiss Distillery in Clawson, Michigan is a family owned distillery that makes spirits, vodkas, and mixers. They offer local spirits and cocktails, and are a community-minded business. Currently they make vodka, but are working on absinthe. You can get a taste of what they have in store at their tasting room or make a reservation to visit their booth. This winter, they will be offering a special program called Weiss on Ice. The program will be a winter ode to the area, featuring snowy trees, giant nutcrackers, white and blue flowers, and sheer fabrics.

Upon entering the tasting room, you’re greeted by a dark, dimly-lit room with a wood wall. It’s decorated with wood tones, and has a cool, blue lighting system. There’s a wall full of fur pelts and snowflakes, and a large set of giant nutcrackers with electronic moving eyes. You’ll find the tasting room open six days a week, with expanded hours coming soon. Aside from the spirits, the tasting room offers snacks, organic drinks, and sustainably-sourced caviar.

If you’re looking for a great drink, try their Lazy Daisy vodka cocktail. You can also try their award-winning rye, which is aged for 11 years in 53-gallon white oak barrels. It’s smooth and full of flavor. Or if you’re looking for something to sip on, their 91-proof rum has notes of oak and oak flavor, as well as a hint of citrus.

In addition to spirits, the tasting room will offer food and events. Two James Spirits, a Detroit-based distillery, is the first licensed distillery in the city since prohibition. Their small batch of premium spirits uses locally sourced ingredients, and they rotate four menus a year.

Whether you’re looking for an ice cold vodka to sip on, or a warm cocktail to enjoy during the winter season, the Weiss tasting room is the place to go. In the coming weeks, the weiss distillery absinthe distillery will host a week of cocktails and expand their hours. The distillery will also debut their food program, and will be adding absinthe to their mix.

Absinthe is a distilled high-proof alcoholic beverage made from alcohol macerated with herbs. Traditionally, the mixture is diluted with water. When the alcohol-water mixture is served, it louches, forming a cloudy, green emulsion. It’s usually enjoyed with a few ice cubes in a glass.

Absinthe was banned in the United States and Europe in the 19th century, but was legalized in the EU in 1988. Now you can sample absinthe in the United States and in most countries. Unlike the liquor formerly associated with hallucinations, absinthe is made with key botanicals such as fennel, anise, Artemisia pontica, and artemisia absinthum. While the traditional recipe calls for a neutral spirit, the Weiss distillery will offer a variety of flavors.

They also offer a rum that is inspired by the Rum Runners of the 1920s. This 91-proof rum has notes of Oak and oak flavor, as well as a sweet, citrusy finish.