Why Child Wool Clothes Are a Great Addition to Your Baby’s Wardrobe

Child wool clothes are an important addition to your baby’s wardrobe and can be a great way to regulate their body temperature during the colder months. The natural crimp of merino wool can help trap air around your baby’s body to provide insulation and comfort.

Here’s why you should consider dressing your baby in wool-based clothing:

Almost all baby and toddler base layers use some form of cotton, which is a poor insulator and doesn’t perform well when it gets wet (like snow or sweat). But with the right merino wool base layer, you can actually help your child stay warm, dry, and comfortable for a longer period of time.

The lanolin in the wool is odor-resistant and naturally antimicrobial, so you don’t have to worry about your baby’s clothes smelling too much. It’s also a moisture-wicking material, so your baby wool mittens canada will stay cool and dry even on warmer days!

There are several great kid wool brands out there that make fantastic merino wool baby and toddler base layers. These are all small parent-owned and operated companies that care about making high-quality, eco-friendly products that help children thrive and learn to be healthy, happy humans.

Simply Merino is a lovely family-owned and operated company out of Vancouver, Canada that makes the cutest merino wool base layers for kids! Their focus is on community and sustainability, so they take special care to gather or produce all the materials they need locally–from elastic to packaging. They also recycle and repurpose their fabric in creative ways, so you can feel good about purchasing from this family-run business!

TK Clothing is another fantastic little Canadian family-owned and operated company that produces a variety of kid merino wool base layers, rompers, and dungarees. Their clothing is made from ZQ certified merino wool, and is Bluesign-approved, so you can rest easy knowing that your money is going to an ethical and sustainable source from the sheep down to your child’s clothes!

They have a wide range of merino wool baby and toddler base layer sets that are available in multiple sizes from birth to 12 years, so you can be sure your child will always have the perfect fit! And if your child grows out of the size you purchase, they make it super easy to transition them into their next size. They also offer some adorable merino wool hats!

Iksplor is another small and incredibly stylish baby and toddler merino wool brand out of Finland. They offer long and short johns for babies and toddlers, and even have a selection of baby and toddler fleece sleep sacks.

The sizing on their merino wool long johns and short johns is really clever, as they fold up or down to fit your child through their growth spurts. They come in a variety of colors and are also oh-so-cute.

Nui Organics is a lovely little Kiwi company that was founded by a mother who wanted to provide her children with the same kind of soft, safe, and environmentally-friendly baby blankets she grew up with. They partner with factories in Bulgaria, India, and Lithuania that have a strong commitment to socially responsible practices within the apparel industry.